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Procure aims to maintain the Umbraco UI paradigm as closely as possible. Reuse of Umbraco trees and pickers is made where-ever possible to facilitate this. Everything within the Procure subsystem is accessible via XSLT. A design goal of Procure is that full customization of the store subsystem should be able to be done via XSLT, and not require the inclusion of user controls.

XML Reference

Every object within the Procure eCommerce engine is accessible via an XSLT extension library. The layout of those objects is documented here.


Procure processes everything via XSLT. This includes adding things to your cart, modifying (remove item/change item quantity/clear) your cart, and checkout. An XSLT Extension library processes the page requests.


Currently there is no automatic package installation, although automatic package installation is a 1.0 targeted feature. For now, there are manual installation instructions available.

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