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Project Description

Procure is an eCommerce engine written for the Umbraco content management system. It currently provides mechanisms to create products, and maintain their attributes.

It will eventually allow for complete access to the entire system via standard Umbraco XSLT and C# code.

This package is not ready for use yet, development is ongoing.

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  • Management
    • Product Type Management
    • Product Attribute Management
    • Product Management
  • Content
    • Product Picker Data Type
  • Basic Customer Profile infrastructure
  • Carts
  • Payment Gateways
    • Basic Authorize.NET Payment Gateway

Not Implemented

  • Customers
    • Administrative view
    • Linking to the Umbraco Membership provider
  • Check Out
  • Orders

If you need an eCommerce package now to use with Umbraco, we highly recommend the uCommerce. uCommerce is an enteprise eCommerce package that is ready for production use today.
With regards to the relationship between Procure and uCommerce:
  • uCommerce does not:
    • share any common source code
    • have the same authors
    • have the same design goals,
  • But uCommerce is:
    • available now
    • enterprise ready
    • rock solid
    • flexible
    • and written by people that know umbraco inside out.
There is no relationship between uCommerce and Procure other than good will between the authors, and a recognition of the fantastic product uCommerce has put out.

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